We love the local supplier of our hot dogs, Mackenzie meats, and enjoy working with them to keep only the best hot dogs in the steamer to make our Michigan dogs. Koffee Kup Bakery supplies all of our bread products, and we can't get enough of the enticing aroma from their bakery that wafts over Burlington in the mornings.



We bring bags of whole chef's potatoes up on the bus each morning, and hand cut them as needed using our "potato popper." This is where we use the phrase "Gotta have 'em!" to call up a freshly cut basket to toss into the fryer. We blanch all our fries first in oil. We cook them to order in a second fryer with even hotter oil when a customer stops by. We stay true to our traditions and still use 100% animal fat for an especially savory and crispy fry.

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